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All wine for sale on is available in various wine merchants and restaurants throughout Alberta, Canada. For a full list of establishments or restaurants that carry these wines, please review our list here.

We’ve stood in the dirt of the vineyard of every wine we carry, and we have shaken hands with the families and learned their history. We now pass that on to you. We invite you to explore each grower’s unique story and connection to the lands where they live and care for their vines.

Andreas Bender

In his vineyards in the Mosel and Pfalz, Andreas lays the foundation for the outstanding quality of his wines by reducing the yields and to allow the grapes to reach full maturity. He follows this up in the cellar with traditional, low intervention techniques. The result is top quality wines that show why German wines enjoyed a high reputation in top restaurants around the world at the turn of the 19th to 20th century. They are an absolute delight!


“With vineyards located in a National Park – think Banff National park with vines -, Domenico Pasetti and his wife Laura started their project 40 years ago, setting out to demonstrate the amazing quality that the under-rated region of Abruzzo can produce, if the grapes are handled properly. An amazing story of passion, dedication, and skill that produces truly outstanding and eye-opening wine experiences.”

Casale del Giglio

“Tradition meets innovation and forward thinking, resulting in delightful wines with a unique character.”

Az. Agricola Alario Claudio

Since taking over his family’s vineyards and winery in picturesque Diano d’Alba in 1978, Claudia Alario has steadily earned his reputation of being one of Piedmont’s top growers with outstanding Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo and single vineyard Barolo wines.

La Gironda

“Located in beautiful Nizza in the Monferrato region of Piedmont, Susanna and her husband Alberto resumed control over their family’s vineyards in 2000, setting out to produce outstanding Barbera wines and delightful specialties such as Brachetto and Moscato d’Asti. The wines reflect their personalities – humble, unassuming, and delightful!”

Dal Cero Family Vineyards

“A beautiful family story of currently three generations sharing the same vision and passion. Starting with the vineyard in Ronca/ Soave, each following generation contributed by adding vineyards in Cortona/ Tuscany and Valpolicella. All Dal Cero wines are representative of their terroir and display a beautiful harmony and character. They are all “Must Tries”.”

Celler de Capcanes

“Located in Montsant, the southern-most region of Catalunya, Celler de Capcanes is renowned for their premium Kosher wines. While they only amount to a small percentage of their production, adhering to the Kosher rules made them switch to organic viticulture and taking a new look at their entire production process. The result is wines full of character of outstanding harmony and elegance.”

Lothian Vineyards

“Growing up on the famed Rust-en-Vrede estate, the Wilson brothers developed their passion for premium South African wines. After years of searching they finally found the perfect vineyard sites in the emerging Elgin Valley and founded Lothian Vineyards. Their results to date indicate that they are living their dream.”

Neil Ellis

“Neil Ellis has been at the forefront of the premium wine movement in South Africa for the past 40 years and he has passed on his passion and skill to son. Warren continues to craft amazing wines that display the wonderful character of South Africa’s diversity with a touch of French-inspired traditions. A beautiful range of wines that take you on a journey of discovering the beauty of the Cape region.”

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