Our Roots

We have created a place where you can explore the rich history of winemaking and the story of those who watch over the lands where the vines are grown. Simply put, our online store offers the finest wine selections delivered to your door, and a connection to the growers themselves which you can enjoy as you browse.


Family Of Growers

The growers that form the Roots Matter family are “Enotri” – an ancient term describing the peoples who inhabited the vineyard rich regions of Greece and Southern Italy. Their name translates to “people from the land of the vine”, and it is at the core of how we approach wine. Today, we use the term to describe those producers who still LIVE on their vineyards, whose children play among the vines, and who are defined by the quality of their wines, and not marketing campaigns.

Shifting Perceptions

Interest rates, earnings reports, and test scores; we are bombarded with numbers every day so when it’s time to choose a wine, why continue to worry about them? At Roots Matter all of our wines are not selected based on third party point scores, nor have WE assigned them a rating of any kind. We believe that where, how, and by whom the wine is made endows your glass with qualities that can only be experienced, not quantified.

Unearthing Memories

A smell, taste, or sound can transport you back to a specific moment in time, but can it also give a glimpse into a moment experienced by someone else? We’ve tirelessly travelled among the peoples and cultures who produce the wine we sell. We have sat in the cafes, walked the stone paths, ventured into the fields and touched the dirt and the vines to find such moments. Finally, we have shook the hands of those whose own wine has become part of their story, and soon, part of yours.

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